We are a community-based organization aimed at increasing economic and political power of Brazilian immigrant women living in New York. Our vision is to provide immigrant women the tools needed to heal the trauma of family separation, discrimination, and abuse through artistic expression; raise their voices through leadership development; and remove barriers to political visibility and economic power, in order to make a positive and tangible social impact for all immigrants.


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Thank you! We have raised 3,382 dollars through our Women With Garra Awards 2020 Fundraiser so far. But there's still time to donate! The Sparkplug Foundation will match funds up to 5,000 dollars. Donations above 20 dollars will receive a copy of the Women With Garra 2020 e-Book. 

honoring Brazilian women


Thinking about the recognition of the work and life of the Brazilian immigrant woman who lives in New York, we created the Women With Garra award. Our goal is to honor women who have gone through countless challenges and today serve as inspiration for our team and so many other women. In 2020, the award honored Mila Burns, Flávia Barbosa, Isadora Varejão, and Juliana de Andrade Silva.

These stories, like so many others, deserve to be told!

What is Garra to you?


Emma Vitória, Illustrator

"For me, to have Garra is to have the capacity to bloom –– against all odds, and lifting up all of the women you meet along your way."


Cleusa Paula, Esthetician

"Garra is to have the courage to cross the ocean and start over in a new continent."


Inês Ferreira, Influencer

"Garra for me is to live life in a light way while knowing how hard it is the lack of opportunities, support, and representativity. Still, I continue to inspire others to dream!"

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