Why honor brazilian women?

Brazilian immigrant women and, more broadly, Latinx women, continue to face significant barriers to career achievement and are severely underrepresented in leadership roles. They must overcome a laundry list of systemic problems in addition to gathering the skills necessary for the jobs they want. They have to be fierce every day in the pursuit of their objectives.

We implemented an award for Brazilian immigrant women because we understand how much they had to overcome to occupy the spaces they now own, and we are grateful that they use that power to bring about collective change. Each woman here is a revolution and we hope each story inspires the next immigrant woman to continue moving forward in forging her own path.

women with garra awards 2020

The Women With Garra Awards were created to recognize the value and the contributions of Brazilian immigrant women to the community, while highlighting their successes to inspire a new generation.


There are many immigrant women who are transforming their stories of resilience to build a more collaborative, stable and successful community. The purpose of the award is to highlight the ability that we all have to build a legacy of engagement and success for ourselves and for our communities, so that we each might be encouraged to bring about transformative change. 


Please join us in awarding:

  • Mila Burns, journalist at Globo International and professor of Latin American Studies at Lehman College;

  • Isadora Varejão, founder of the nonprofit W.A.V.E. Experiment, which educates the community about gender-based violence using interactive tools like theater of the oppressed methodology;

  • Flávia Barbosa, co-founder of the Kilomba Collective, the first collective of Black Brazilian women in the U.S; and

  • Juliana de Andrade Silva, nurse at Elmhurst Hospital, one of the health institutions at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic in Queens, NY.

In addition, this year's Women With Garra graciously shared their stories with us and we memorialized them in a book, so we can remember the drive that is alive in our community and in all of us, even in moments of fear.


Ana Oliveira 

CEO, New York Women’s Foundation



Garra's event will also feature the photographic exhibit "The Power in You," a project created by Brazilian photographer Luiza Tojer. This powerful, virtual exhibit aims to shed light on violence against women from a different perspective, telling five survivors' stories while focusing on the strength that each woman carries within themselves. The project also touches on a subject that's still not discussed as much as it should, which is the importance of genuinely listening to victims, understanding, and welcoming them with love in a time of need. The Power in You was developed entirely through virtual means, and it is a result of virtual photoshoots and conversations with the women. 


"The Power in You's goal is to showcase the power that each woman carries within themselves," Tojer said. "It also discusses the female capability to overcome gender-based violence and highlights how impactful it is to listen to victims and make them feel supported. There was no better opportunity to launch my project than at the Women With Garra fundraiser, where we'll get to see the amazing female force through different perspectives."

join us. learn with us. SUPORT US.

If you donate $15 or more here, we will send you an online copy of the Women With Garra 2020 book as a thank you gift. But act now, as the threshold for the gift will increase to a minimum $20 donation on November 1.


All proceeds will go to support Garra's work with Brazilian immigrant women and girls. Garra is a 501(c)(3) non profit and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.


Every single dime, up to $5,000, that is raised by this fundraiser WILL BE MATCHED by our incredible supporters, the Sparkplug Foundation. So please share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, and invite them to come to our event or donate towards it.

in case you missed it: women with garra 2019

The 2019 awardees were Ana Oliveira, CEO of the New York Women’s Foundation, Ingrid Silva, ballet dancer with Dance Theater of Harlem, Tatiana Ribeiro, gourmet restaurant chef and Nathalia Narciso, board chair of Garra.  We featured their stories in our first book, Women With Garra 2019.