Healing Through Art Program

"The power in you"

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Our Healing Through Art Program includes The Power In You photo exhibit, a project created and developed by photographer Luiza Tojer. It is a photographic project where survivors of gender-based violence are interviewed and photographed by Luiza Tojer.  In the interviews, the women speak of their life experiences, resilience, victories, and lessons learned. They frame their experiences in a way that makes sense to them and take charge of their own narrative. For the photographs, the women are the artists who define how they want to be photographed – where, with whom, wearing what. This is about immigrant women who survived various forms of gender-based violence finding their own power through the use of artistic expression and controlling the narrative of who they are and how they are seen. 

The project also contains information on how to listen to, welcome, and help women who are suffering through various forms of gender-based violence.

about luiza tojer

"I am a photographer who lived in New York City for the past 5 and a half years. This project was created in order to show what the perspective women who suffers gender violence have on a society that silences and lacks true and human look towards us. While developing this project, I realized I could teach the world and people surrounding me a better way to behave in an environment where gender violence is so common, and yet so silenced".

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We are a community-based organization aimed at increasing economic and political power of Brazilian immigrant women living in New York City. Our vision is to inspire Brazilian immigrant women by providing them the tools needed to increase their political visibility and economic power, in order to make a positive and tangible social impact for all immigrants.